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Don't just paint! ..... PAINTOVATE

Share in our vision of an energy efficient, low carbon future 🤝

Together, we can address paint overproduction and ensure the preservation of our environment. Every year, 415 million litres of unused paint are generated in the US and the UK alone.

That is the equivalent of 166 Olympic sized swimming pools full of paint that will never be applied to a wall. Sadly, only an estimated 2% of this paint will be recycled. The remaining 98% will go to waste.

As industry experts with years of experience, we have identified three major factors behind the paint industry’s wasteful habits:

Low quality paint

Using low-quality ingredients in paint will not only make it less durable, but also diminish its quality. This leads to a constant need to repaint surfaces, which is perhaps one of the biggest wastes of both money and time.

Each time a surface needs to be repainted, more paint is bought and subsequently more paint is manufactured.

This places an extreme strain on the environment while costing consumers more in the long run than they would have spent on a single application of durable, high-quality paint.

Over production of paint

Large-scale paint manufacturers will take advantage of this cycle of paint waste to motivate for even more paint to be produced.

Not only does this create a false economy built on sub-quality products, but it allows for these manufacturers to continue to overproduce short-life products that are less likely to be sold before they are removed from shelves and replaced with the next season’s inventory.

Market fragmentation

Companies sell their products with a variety of features, but in the end it's only the quality of the product that actually matters to customers. The paint industry is no different. Paint manufacturers fracture the market by advertising paints with different “special features” when the truth is that a high-quality paint can be used anywhere and on any surface.

The Paintovate solution💡

Established in 2021 by chemical engineer, A. Mohammed, Paintovate was founded as an innovative new approach to tackling destructive waste and CO2 emissions in the paint trading industry.

Our Mission 🌎

Our mission is to end the root cause of unnecessary paint waste by leveraging our proprietary additives, which can dramatically reduce the usage of paint and keep any home or business energy efficient.

In doing so, we can help to minimize CO2 emissions and empower people to improve their homes and businesses without harming the environment.

Our Vision ✨

We strive to become a leader in providing low carbon footprint paint additives to major manufacturers. Our additives are used to formulate paints that are energy efficient, insulating, and toughened against even the harshest elements.

When it comes to choosing great coverage that is durable and doesn’t cost the earth, we say don’t just paint - Paintovate!

Our Technology 👨‍🔬

Our additives are used by major paint manufacturers, bringing about an improvement in the quality of coatings with a reduction in material consumption.

Thanks to our innovative and advanced additives, modern coatings require only half as much as before to achieve optimal performance levels and are twice as durable as low cost, low quality options.

Our goals at a glance 🌟

Better methods
Optimize the use of chemicals, save energy, and encourage the single-use of better quality recyclable paints and coatings
Innovating solutions
Make an impact on solving problems in our industry from insulation and energy efficacy to heat and water damage.
Breaking the cycle
Break the vicious cycle that low-quality paint effects by introducing high-quality additives that will transform the industry

Paintovate Exclusivity

What investors can look forward to

Lucrative partnership
Lucrative partnership
A lucrative partnership with Paintoutlet.co.uk, a leading UK decorating store.
Up to 40% Tax Relief
Up to 40% Tax Relief
Save 40% with our top Tax plans
Make change, Grow your portfolio
Make change, Grow your portfolio
The opportunity to make a tangible difference with an impact-driven investment.

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